Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

Birling Gap is situated south of East Dean and Friston, just off the A259 on the way to Eastbourne.

For directions on how to get to Birling Gap, please see the directions page.

The steps at Birling Gap have been replaced and beach access has been restored. Please check the National Trust website prior to your visit as the steps are often closed following bad weather of recent cliff falls.

Stay away from the cliff edge. It is very dangerous.

Cliff Fall at Birling Gap

There are often cliff falls at the Seven Sisters near Birling Gap, this one dramatically caught on film.

You can see the footage on the Daily Mail website (external link).

Please keep away from the edge of the cliff as a fall could happen at any time.

Find out more about coastal erosion, directions to on how to get to Birling Gap or the history of Birling Gap.

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The Story of Birling Gap

Over two years in the making, I am pleased to announce that The Story of Birling Gap is now available.

With thanks to, and in support of the National Trust, the Birling Gap book tells the story of this fascinating little place, including how it got its name, shipwrecks, smuggling, the coastguard cottages, the hotel, moving the steps and much more. Including pictures and photos that most people will have never been seen before, this book is the first of its kind specifically about Birling Gap.

You can buy the book online, from Amazon, the National Trust shop at Birling Gap, the visitor centre at Beachy Head and British Bookshops in Seaford as well as ordered through Waterstones and other bookshops.

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The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell

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The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse

The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse helped Save the Stripes and tells what life was like for a lighthouse keeper stationed on this light station.

The Story of Birling Gap book by Rob Wassell

The Story of Birling Gap is the first book of its kind specifically about Birling Gap, with facts, information, images and pictures that many people may not have seen before.

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